How to Set up and Configure AirPrint on HP printer?

How to Set up and Configure AirPrint on HP printer?

How to Set up and Configure AirPrint on HP printer?

When you hear the word ‘AirPrint’ you automatically think of Apple. And for those of you who have no idea what it is, it is basically a technology that allows users to print without the need to download or install any kind of printer driver. With this feature, you can easily print documents and photos from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod. This technology comes inbuilt in most of the printers these days and with this technology you get features like automatic media selection, easy discovery, and enterprise-class finishing options. While the process of using this is very easy, some find the setup and configuring part quite difficult. The steps are indeed quite lengthy and you are required to perform each and every single one of them without fail. So, if you want to know how to set up AirPrint on HP printer and also to configure it, you can keep reading this blog.

The first thing you are required to do is to check the printing requirements. The Apple device should have an iOS 4.2 or higher and the HP printer should support the AirPrint technology and an internet connection must be provided. After meeting the requirements, you can proceed with the steps.

  1. First, you must turn on the printer and make sure that it is connected to a wireless network.
  2. Also, you need to connect whichever Apple device you are using to the same network as well.
  3. Now download the latest firmware on your computer by going to the official HP support site.
  4. From here, you must select ‘Software and Drivers’ and under this option, select Printer enter your product name> Submit.
  5. When the firmware update has been fulfilled, you need to turn the printer off and switch it back on again after a minute or so.
  6. Now, on any browser, enter the IP address of the printer. When the page finishes loading, click on ‘networking’ and then select ‘wireless direct setup’.
  8. After this, type the name of the printer you want to use with AirPrint under the ‘Name (SSID)’ column and select ‘apply’.
  9. Initiate the wireless connection by pressing the ‘Wi-Fi Direct/HP’ button.
  10. And now, on your Apple device, go to ‘settings’ and then select ‘Wi-Fi’ from the list.
  11. Finally, under ‘choose a network’, select the name of your printer.
  12. Now, you must configure it. To do so, go to ‘settings’ on your Apple device and select ‘Wi-Fi networks’.
  13. And under the ‘choose a network’ option, click on the printer’s name.

These are the steps required to set up and configure AirPrint on an HP printer. If you make any mistake and find yourself facing some technical issue or problem, you can contact HP printer customer service.

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