How do I create a new Gmail account?

How do I create a new Gmail account?

How do I create a new Gmail account?

Everyone from working professionals to students needs to create new Gmail account if they don’t have one. Gmail plays a very important part in our lives as most of the email users, use Gmail as it is simple and user-friendly. It also comes with a ton of features that are not offered by its rivals thereby making it the best email service.

Let’s now take a look to create a Gmail account.

Steps to set up a Gmail account on Desktop

Step1: Go to Gmail official website

Step2: Then click on create an account which you’ll find on the top right corner

Step3: Put in details like your First name and last name

Step4: Use your creativity to set a unique Gmail username or Gmail will suggest you the username yourself

Step5: Then set a password for your new Gmail account. You’ll have to enter the password twice, once to set and then another time for confirmation.

Step6: Then click on the next button that you’ll find at the end of the page

Step7: You’ll have to give details for account recovery which includes your phone number and your recovery email address that can be your alternative email address

Step8: Then select your date of birth which will not be visible publicly it is just kept for information purposes.

Step9: You’ll have to select the gender that is male or female

Step10: Then click on the next button that you find at the end of the page on the right-hand side.

Step11: Now you’ll have to verify your phone number so that it can be used for recovery purpose by entering the OTP which will be sent by Gmail on your phone number

Step12: Finally click on the I Agree on the button which will give a guarantee that you agree to the terms and conditions laid down by Gmail

The above are the steps to create a new Gmail account if you don’t have one. These steps will ensure that you can easily set up a new account within minutes. If you’re using a computer then follow the above steps to achieve your intent and that is to create a new account.

Steps to create a new Gmail account via mobile

Step1: Download the Gmail app using the store.

Step2: Once you’ve downloaded the Gmail the open it and tap on the Sign in button

Step3: Then tap on more options to create new account

Step4: Put in your first name and last name in the sections provided

Step5: Then tap on the next page

Step6: Then put your birthdate and gender

Step7: Create a unique username and set a strong password

Step8: Get a verification code on your phone

Step9: Verify the code

Step10: Click on the I agree button to agree to the terms and conditions set by Gmail

Step11: And you’re done

The above are the steps that you can follow if you want to create new Gmail account using a mobile phone.

In a nutshell, google mail account can be created using a PC or a mobile phone. All you have to do is refer to the above-mentioned steps and you’ll be able to do the same within a few minutes. To get more assistance, you can take help from via Gmail customer service.


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