Facing Facebook Friend Request Issue? Fix-It Here

Facing Facebook Friend Request Issue? Fix-It Here

Facing Facebook Friend Request Issue? Fix-It Here

Are you getting a problem in sending or accepting the friend request on Facebook? If so, then, this blog is for you. Going through this blog will surely help you in fixing such a Facebook problem in the most convenient way.

First of all, you should know some common reasons that may be responsible for having the issue.

Reasons For Facebook Friend Request Error And Ways To Fix it.

  1. Your sent friend request number may have exceeded the Facebook limit. You should know that you can't send the friend request to Whatever number of people you want. Facebook has set some limits for it, and if you cross it, Facebook may block you from sending the request. The blocking time maybe somewhere between 1 Day to 6 months.
  2. Sometimes, It may be the case that however you may not have sent the request to more users, but Facebook may have blocked you even then. This may probably be due to the reason because of some errors in this setting. Or, the way you may be using Facebook, may also be responsible. In such a case try sending the request from other devices.
  3. If Facebook finds some suspicious activities where your account may be involved directly, or indirectly, then also, you may have this type of problem. And, in such a case, Facebook may block you from either sending the request, or receiving the request, or both. Facebook works on the automated system, and therefore, sometimes you may get the punishment without having any mistakes.
  4. If the excess number of users reports your account, then also, you may face this issue. So, never send the request to the unknown.
  5. This problem also depends on what number of friend requests you made, and what number of friend requests got accepted. Suppose, if you send the request to 100 people at a time, but only 3 requests get accepted within 3 days, then, it's most probably that you may face the friend request error. Facebook takes this activity as Friend requests spamming, and therefore, you get the punishment.
  6. Sometimes, hackers may display the fake error to you, and they may ask you to do some activity to get rid of the issue. Once you get into the trap, your account may be hacked very soon. So, be aware of it. If you get any such message, then never get into the trap.

However, there are various ways to fix the issue, but if you are not so technically smart, you should not try the fix by yourself, otherwise, it may take you to some additional issues. So, it's better for you then to contact customer support immediately. Just contact them at their toll- free number, and explain your issue to them very clearly. Then, listen to them very carefully, and do whatever they instruct you to fix such a Facebook Problem.


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