Dell laptop won’t wake up how to fix this issues?

Dell laptop won’t wake up how to fix this issues?

Dell laptop won’t wake up how to fix this issues?

The Dell laptops are a common electronic device which is used by a big number of peoples all around the globe. The reason behind its popularity between the people is its amazing quality, interface and cheap rate as compared to other brands.

But, Sometimes Dell laptops also deals with issues like not turning on. This problem can be a headache if you don’t know how you can fix this issue..

If you are one of those people who doesn’t know how to deal with this problem, then don’t worry, this problem is not that complex. You can fix this issue with some troubleshooting techniques. For that, you have to read this whole blog carefully or you can call on the Dell customer support number for help.

Troubleshooting techniques to resolve that issue:

The power supply of your Dell laptop:

When you press the power button of your laptop and the laptop is not turning on then there might be an issue related to the battery of your laptop. So, first confirm that the battery of your laptop is charged, if not then plug in the Dell laptop with the power supply and after 10 minutes, try turning your laptop again.


External USB ports and Memory cards:

Faulty memory cards and USB ports can also cause a problem in this issue. So, if you have connected any external memory cards and USB then you should remove them and then again try to open your laptop.

Incompatible Hardware:

Laptop no turning issue can be due to some faulty external hardware connected to your laptop. So, remove all the external hardware connected to your laptop before you turn on the laptop.

Check for VCD’s and DVD’s:

Check your CD drive, if it has any VCD and DVD available in it remove them too, before turning on the laptop. Because these can cause a problem also.

These were some troubleshooting techniques regarding your problem. You should not face any problem in turning on your Dell laptop. If you still face any issue then you can call on the Dell customer care number. You will get the assistance of specialized and expert techies on this number. They will give you the best solution related to your Dell laptop issue.

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